Ford Transit AWD 2″ Lift Kit with Adjustable Control Arms



  • Provides a 2″ lift from factory height
  • Includes Bilstein B6 struts
  • No CV Binding at full droop
  • Features our custom designed adjustable control arm.
  • Correct wheel camber using our adjusting block mechanism.
  • Front and rear anodized aluminum spacer blocks
  • Uses a Heavy Duty Teflon lined Uni-ball bearing rather than a rubber bushing on frame connection point.
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This is a 2″ lift kit for 2020-Present Ford Transit AWD vans. This lift kit includes our custom designed lower control arms which feature our unique Patent Pending camber adjuster block that allow you to dial in the camber for better handling and even tire wear. The combination of our lower control arms and the Bilstein B6 struts make for a smoother ride and more responsive handling. Unlike other AWD kits on the market, since our kit corrects for the camber at the lower control arm, we can use the longer Bilstein B6 Struts with ZERO CV binding. The front and rear spacer blocks on our kit are made out of billet aluminum and hard anodized for extra protection and durability. Furthermore, our control arms use Heavy Duty spherical bearings rather than a rubber bushings for greater range of motion as well as steering response.


  • Adjustable lower control arms
  • Front spring spacers
  • Rear lift blocks and U-bolts
  • Rear bump stop spacers
  • Sway bar extension links
  • Bilstein B6 Struts

Transit AWD Lift Kit Instructions

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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 in
Control Arm Option

Control Arms ONLY, Control Arms & B6 Struts ONLY, Front End Kit, Complete Kit

Rear Wheel Type

Single, Dually


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